Tropical Storm Imelda

First Colony LID’s emergency response team is monitoring the Brazos River and local rainfall predictions of this event. As of 6:00 p.m. Tuesday, 9/17/2019, the accumulated rainfall in the FCLID area is less than 1.5 inches. NWS predictions are for several more inches, possibly up to 12 inches in the next two days. With Brazos River at approximately 10 feet, the District will remain in full gravity flow conditions. Should intense cells fall over the area, isolated street ponding may occur, but should clear quickly after the rains ends. All usual precautions for heavy rainfall should be taken by residents. Further postings will be made should the NWS predictions change significantly.

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Current District Study

The District has engaged in a cost sharing agreement with FBLID 19, FBLID 15 and FBMUD 115 to establish and create a 2-D hydrologic/hydraulic model to analyze drainage patterns and identify flood risk during extreme (low frequency) rain events in the Steep Bank Creek watershed.

The study will take approximately eight months to complete, after which the Districts will have the information needed to address mitigation projects that will improve drainage within the watershed.

Steep Bank Creek Watershed Map (PDF)