Hog Damage in FCLID District

Recently a number of FCLID residents have complained about hog damage in their yards and in the common areas near the lakes in the southern part of the District. This increased hog activity can be attributed to the time of year when they become more active as the temperatures fall and they venture farther out looking for food. One of their favorite delicacies is grub worms, which inhabit our lawns and gardens.

In the past, the levees near the developing areas around Missouri City and Sugar Land have experienced severe hog damage in the fall and winter months. Trapping and removing/destroying the hogs proved to be a temporary solution due to the rapid breeding cycle of the hogs and the lack of natural predators in the area. More recently, FCLID and a number of other levee districts have been treating their levees and ditches with insecticides, mostly to control ants (their beds/burrows can damage the levee surface and grass cover). An added benefit of that treatment is the reduction of grubs on our levees, which then reduces the occurrence of hogs rooting into the grass cover and damaging the surfaces of our levees and ditches. Without a food source, the hogs move on to other areas, unfortunately sometimes residents’ yards and common areas along the streets.

Since the reported damages are occurring outside of FCLID owned property, the District cannot address this issue directly. These recent complaints have been passed on to the respective cities. Their efforts are mostly centered on trapping/removal.

Residents are encouraged to contact their respective City regarding potential trapping efforts or consult with a certified insecticide/pesticide applicator for individual treatment.