Updated Dates for Rehabilitation and Additional Detention Projects

Ditch B Project

This project consists of excavation of additional detention in the pond adjacent to Sheffield Dr. in Lexington Colony and to address some channel erosion issues in the pilot channel.

The excavated material will be hauled to the east levee to raise that segment of levee approximately 2 feet.

Wet conditions have slowed the contractor down early in this project. There have also been some unforeseen field conditions that have caused delays to the project.

Contractor: Texas Dewatering. Projected completion date is November 24, 2021.

Pond A-2 and Ditch A-3

This project consists of excavation of additional detention in the smaller of the two lakes behind the Heritage Colony Rec Center and in the dry detention pond adjacent to Heritage Colony.

The excavated material will be used to raise the south levee approximately 2 feet. The project will also include addressing some lake edge erosion issues on the smaller lake and adding some concrete paving at the outfall structure to facilitate better maintenance access.

A pre-construction meeting is being coordinated with Missouri City. Rally Construction is planning to start construction the first week of November.

Contractor: Texas Rally Construction. Projected completion date is January 17, 2022.

Sugar Land Launching Real-Time Flood Warning System to Help Keep Residents Safe

HOUSTON, Texas (CW39) The City of Sugar Land recently launched a web-based tool, to provide residents and city engineers with real-time information on street flooding. The city hopes this will help residents make more informed decisions to protect life and property.

Called the Integrated Stormwater Management Model (ISWMM), it is a system of integrated drainage models that includes the entire city and its infrastructure assets. It is connected to the 28 rain gauges across the city that report real-time information during weather events which is used to create ponding maps.

The system gives:

  • public access to real-time ponding information;
  • the ability to send notifications about ponding, street flooding and potential street closures;
  • assistance in the planning of evacuation routes; and
  • assistance in evaluating current drainage infrastructure to more efficiently target drainage improvements.

“ISWMM is a sophisticated piece of technology that not many cities have. This technology is a good reflection of the commitment of Sugar Land to provide its residents with useful tools that can keep them out of harm’s way and save time and money for the City. Additionally, having ISWMM as a part of larger system that includes emergency alert and flood gauges will work to keep residents safe as major flood events impact our region and rainfall events continue to change.”