Joint Pump Station with LID 19

The District is participating with LID 19 and MUD 115 (Riverstone districts) in the construction of a second pump station along Steepbank Creek which will provide approximately 200,000 gpm additional pumping capacity for extreme rainfall events coincident with high Brazos River events outfalling into the Flat Bank Creek Diversion Channel.  The District undertook this joint project in lieu of adding a pump station inside of the District near the Lake “A-2” outfall into Steepbank Creek since an internal pump station would have necessitated pumping that water a second time from the LID 19 downstream system.

The project has recently received its environmental clearance from the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB).  The final electrical controls design is currently underway.  The project is expected to go into the bidding phase in late 2023 with construction expected to begin in early 2024.  The estimated construction time is 12-15 months.