Levee Raising Project Nearing Completion

The third segment of raising the FCLID levee is nearing completion this month, October, 2023 (ahead of schedule).

The contractor has brought in the select fill material from the neighboring District’s (FBC LID 2) Ditch “B” widening project and has filled the levee to the required height. As-built surveys of the levee top have been reviewed and all levee top elevations meet or exceed the required height. The contractor will be seeding the levee and cleaning up the site for his ultimate move out. We expect full completion of the project by the end of this month.

The levee raising project was completed in three segments, with the soils coming from two FCLID pond expansion projects and the FBC LID 2 project to complete the raising of the levee segments to at least the 500-year flood level of the Brazos River.