What You Should Know About Hurricanes

From Ready.gov

Flood Insurance is Recommended

At this time, flood insurance is not mandatory.  The FCLID Board highly recommends every property owner within the District purchase flood insurance.  Flooding is not covered by homeowner insurance policies, but can be purchased through FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).  Please contact your insurance agent to learn about NFIP.  Recent Gulf Coast storms have demonstrated that flood insurance can be valuable for recovering from a flood loss. The FCLID Board of Directors and their attorney will continue to monitor any proposed legislation regarding changes to the NFIP that may impact District residents.

One Year After Harvey

After experiencing the major rain event of Hurricane Harvey last year (categorized between an 800 – 1,000 year event), the Board of Directors has been reviewing several possible projects that would result in better drainage of internal water detention. They range from improvements solely within First Colony LID to partnering with the County and other Districts on projects that would benefit several Districts and municipalities in the overall levee system. In every case, the Board will be leveraging FCLID members’ tax dollars to their best use ensuring FCLID continues to be a safe and dry District.

Currently a survey is underway for an additional detention lake by the south outfall structure. Progress and updates can be reviewed in the meeting minutes, posted on the website.